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In spiritual circles many discuss developing the right attitude towards life and the issues that confront us everyday as we travel our journey to greater awareness and love. There are many tools that one can use to achieve greater expansion of consciousness, but one of the greatest and most rudimentary tools or disciplines is a true detachment. Detachment is a funny word; it almost sounds like you are cutting yourself off from life - detaching - as it were, from things, feelings and emotions. However most of these ideas are based on limited old ideas about what detachment is from a very western perspective. Our culture is very reactive and emotionally based ands so detachment can sound like you are losing your passion or zest for life. But in reality a true spiritual detachment is really a way that provides for you to gain a deeper appreciation for life and to master it’s complexities with greater understanding and grace.

To really understand and make a true spiritual detachment a part of your beingness or consciousness one needs to allow ones consciousness to move into an ever higher vantage point that allows more objectivity towards people, things and events. A wonderful example that many can appreciate is the kind of experience one has when one goes to a really well made film that engages your mind and heart and explores territory that one has never experienced. When you are sitting in the theater all of your attention is focused on the film and the story it is portraying. All of the focus is provided for you when you are watching a film because the filmmaker has chosen beforehand exactly what he wants you to notice and put your full attention on. There is no question about the focus because there is only one arena that is being focused on - and the characters development is a personal experience for everyone in the theater - they are all having the same personal experience. It is really quite remarkable because we take film going for granted in our age, yet it was not always so. This film going experience has transformed society and civilization as it brings millions of people together to share the exact same experience that the film provides. This is why it is a bonding experience what the subject of films comes up at social gatherings - everyone can participate because they all had the same experience in watching the film. Of course their perceptions of that experience are individual, but those interpretations all based on the same exact experience in the film. I’m digressing here because the idea of film and its contingent experience is so amazing, and such a perfect metaphor for true spiritual detachment.

It is true that not everyone has the same emotional or intellectual capacities, yet there is one constant that effects everyone who goes to a film, they all realize that the film is just that, a film, and not reality. When they leave the theater, each individual knows that they have entered the "real" world and even when the film is highly emotionally charged and they are changed from it, they still do not think that it actually happened, they know for certain that it was produced by actors and sets and scripts. Although a really excellent film can suspend your experience of reality whereby you are so deeply affected that you change your beliefs about some subject, especially when the film is based on a true-life story, a film going experience still provides a great metaphor for what true spiritual detachment is all about.

You see, true spiritual detachment does not cut you off from life experiences; it actually enhances those experiences by giving you a greater view and consequently understanding of things. This is achieved because while the individuals’ emotional and mental bodies are fully engaged in an experience and the experience has full impact in those bodies, at the same time there is ever so lightly a sense of the observation of what is happening which contributes a very real sense of intelligent objectivity. It is very similar to the film going experience because the suspended disbelief of the film is like the detachment one maintains as one observes ones life experience form the vantage point of Soul. Soul, that eternal spark of god that is the true you, the endless you, the continuous you. It is Soul, the you that has been through thousands of experiences in this life and many others that can illuminate your emotional and mental bodies with the objective divine reality of true beingness and give you a greater sense of your own creativity as you make your life and its experiences come to life. It is divine love in action that gives one the gift of expansion and realization as these experiences mount ever higher towards greater expressions of divine love.

The love that comes from this experience of true spiritual detachment is deeper and richer than surface emotional feelings; it communicates wisdom, and links one with the sound current which manifests all of life in its myriad forms. And on and on one sails into the heart of god and life as one allows oneself to become more adept with true spiritual detachment and divine beingness. The result is that one develops a compassion and a kindness that can transcend anything the mind can imagine and lift your entire being into realms of knowing that only divine silence can contain; for this knowingness is too large for the mental body to grasp, and too magnificent for the emotional body to contain.

Some call it bliss

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