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I wonder how many are noticing the deconstruction that is taking place on a national level as we watch the constant pull of lower consciousness as it affects our national psyche. I hardly have to mention the list of what should be the outrages of the last decade to engage an emotional response to what can only be described as a degrading of truthfulness and fairness in the American social consciousness as it shows up daily in politics and public personalities. However I suspect that what is occurring on the surface of our culture, and that which the surface media concentrates on is a hypnotic, high definition concentration on the minutiae of scandals, deceptions, and horrors of the lowest of human behavior. Of course if there weren’t so many willing to oblige this appetite for the sleazy and horrific, then there may be a lull in the never ending parade of stories, but with billions of people and information technology that can deliver in seconds lurid details into everyone’s homes, this is unlikely to happen.

Where does that leave those of us who desire a more beautiful experience of life?

The age we live in is providing us with ever expanding potential for spiritual and consciousness development at an unprecedented rate and potential. There is so much information available to get involved in that it is literally mind boggling to try and imagine the details of these vast offerings. And yet at the same time it is also true that much of this vast information is pretty much all cut from the same cloth - lower level stimulation. And this lower level stimulation can be a subtle and powerful agent of disharmony and unhappiness for the individual who is attempting to focus on the higher things of consciousness. In fact the negative pull can be so strong that one can be fooled into thinking the very thoughts that one needs to be free from in order to achieve a divine overview. These kinds of thoughts are quite insidious and compel one to subtly switch one to think in limitation and negativity.

And who are the purveyors of this constant slush of negative thoughts and focus? Well, Political leaders, celebrities, entertainment voices to name a few, and others who constantly act in order to engage others into their reality bands. If one watches this play with detachment it can almost be humorous, and even make one feel that life on earth is one great big insane asylum. But at the same time it is a great opportunity to strengthen the divine viewpoint and rise above the sludge and fray.

I have watched with some interest the continual play going on out of Washington DC surrounding the obvious attempts to deconstruct the US Constitution and remove free speech, separation of church and state, and the right to privacy from the Constitution in order to gain personal political and economic advantage. For those of us who cannot imagine wanting to invade others personal and private lives with our own value-laden agenda, it seems impossibly ignorant and full of malice that others attempt to do exactly that, especially given the recent history of our nation where one would think that the lessons of poorly conceived wars and involvements had proven so misguided. But one is forced to ask - whose script are you following?

These extreme situations and dramas can only upset us emotionally or mentally to the extent that we have not examined out own base beliefs and learned how to maintain our state of consciousness. If one were to take an honest overview of human history one would find that humans have been acting in unscrupulous and power hungry ways for millennia in every culture on earth. So what's different today?

When George Bush took office he came replete with a spin machine, an agenda, and the props to impose his world on the rest of us. What we are witnessing is the unfolding drama that he and his machine had in mind from before the first election. There really should be no reactive behavior among the wizened among us, because reactive anger is an indication that one has been caught unprepared for reality and spent scant time examining the trends that have been in motion for decades.

So then what is effective?

Action… with specific outcomes that are realistic

Focus on end results with an eye on the obstacles of the negative concepts that we are dealing with - and anticipate the path that those who subscribe to those concepts will take.

Progressives got fairly lazy in the last few decades. They believed that their successes in the 1960’s and 70’s would continue unabated and that they could expect more and more freedom and expansion of civil justice forever. What they failed to take into account is the very strong and constant drift of history – that those in power in any society, and especially a society like ours that finds it’s tools of coercion are great, want to exercise power over others based on their own personal agendas.

George Bush has been experiencing a lot of trouble lately and his administration is under siege because they have an incapacity to understand that their agenda is not sustainable. They are experiencing a meltdown of public trust because the physics of human consciousness always move towards resolve and definition. Truth has a way of wiggling its way forward, even under extreme opposition. You are witnessing an expanding psychosis in American society as the stakes go higher to maintain thought control of the population to believe in a reality that has been manufactured in the imaginations of power hungry minds whose values are based solely in personal economic and social advancement. It is transparent to those who have the eyes to see that
The emperor is naked.

This process is dramatically karmic and unavoidable as anyone who has been in the path of his or her own karma can personally attest to. It appears that the karma for our national figures has sped up and is churning ever faster these days. Perhaps it is because we are actually evolving at a greater rate, but one thing is certain –one cannot bypass universal laws of cause and effect – no matter how much social and political power you have – everyone pays in the true coin - there is no escape from your choices and actions.

A deeper compassion is required to arrive at a higher understanding of the individuals who are experiencing the spotlight these days in the national and international media, because in all honesty, a 70-80 year life is a drop in the bucket of our vast universe, and the brief flash of ones lifetime in power is a glint off a mirror in the sun in the dessert.

Let us now assert who we really are – in all of our true divine origins and with the greatest love from the divine that we can imagine and make true what heretofore we have only philosophized about:

And that is to love all with compassion and detachment… and all will be ours. This is the greatest of life's commandments ever given to anyone– Love all and all will be yours, even the naked King.

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