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Mr. MI and Mr. BE discuss reincarnation and the many aspects of the expanded consciousness that accrues from the experiences in this life, and over many lifetimes.

Looking at the main life lesson through another’s personal viewpoint is a way to meet a facet of the face of God. All lifetimes are precious experiences of the ultimate lesson – to find a way home to divine love and awareness.

Reincarnation provides many opportunities without a time-line pressure, to achieve many attitude adjustments along the way. In attitude you can be either a resistor or an explorer in life – Spirit is the painter of a life story in non-resistance and provides illusion dropping experiences as one goes along. Self service is dead-ended and serving others is open-ended. It is attitudinal energetic that determines the experience one has.

There is always room for greater understanding and improvement – the endless horizon of eternity allows all beings, regardless of development, to always take another step. Multiple lifetimes allow one to keep stretching oneself to ever greater capacities – through both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. Reincarnation allows one to experience life in the whole and not just the parts – again the 360 degree view.

Your art is an expression of your viewpoint in many myriad forms. Your life itself is the art, you are the artwork.

Closing music today is "The Beat Oracle" produced live at 91.9fm, KCSB studios in California and provided by the Podsafe Music Network.

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"The Spirit of Love Governs All We Do"
Conversation with Moses MacNaughten, feature film developer, well-known lead singer for the 1960's group, the Highwaymen.

Jeffrey talks with Moses about his view of Divine Love, feature films as an expression of higher consciousness, his work with the United Nations Foundation, and his One-Heart global broadcast.

Moses is producing the One Heart Concert on Ellis Island, NY August, 2006, with major celebrities to raise funds for humanitarian aid for trouble spots around the world.

Moses's wife, Lisa, has award winning art and most notable is her "One Heart" poster that can be seen on their web site.

Also discussed, was Jeffrey's feature film "The Vision" that Moses is working on developing with well-known Hollywood producers.

Married to Lisa for nineteen years, their marriage has been dedicated to bringing light and love to the world through their music and art and the teachings of the Course in Miracles.

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Connects all of Life
Force behind the vibration of atoms and elements that make up matter, waves of sound come from the heart of God.
The Ancients called it the Audible Life Stream that which brings form into being
The Key element of the manifested and invisible cosmos
Specific sounds bring very specific results
The Human Voice sound of consciousness
The Power of Music to heal, disrupt, destroy, enflame, bring peace.
Sounds resonate with the different charkas and energy centers

Behind the 5 dimensions:
Etheric buzzing bees - word is BAJU
Mental running water - word is AUM
Causal tinkling bells - word is MANA
Astral roar of the sea - word is KALA
Physical sound of thunder word is ALAYI
We are the word made flesh - words can focus attention and consciousness
Notice how various sounds affect you and focus your attention, radio stations, machines, nature - key is how they focus your consciousness and can be used for contemplation or meditation - it is spiritual technology at work.

The HU-MAN, HU translates to mean God, Man is from the base of Manos or mind. HU-MAN is GOD-MIND. Ancient Vedic texts and Sanskrit identify it as the most sacred name of God and it becomes a love song when it is sung. It will tune the consciousness to the third eye and crown charka aligning the charkas and grounding it into the center of the earth and the god worlds at the same time. An ultimate consciousness tuner.

Playing of the HU song sung by 6,000 people and a reading of David Christels piece HUing Into Transformation

E C K A N K A R, Religion of the Light and Sound of God  
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1-Establishing Change. 2-Ask some questions: What kind of change? Base it in personal and larger considerations. Change towards what and away from what? Is it ethical? Ethics and spirituality are intrinsically tied together. Tied into the picture of the 5 dimensions. Includes the bigger picture. 3-What is your focus? What do you want to achieve, and how does that relate to your personal sphere? All things grow from this. 4-Be the change you want to see first, other wise you are merely publicizing that which you have not yet owned and made real. This makes you subject to failure. 5-The American malaise. All rhetoric and no real demonstration. 6-The Power of Attention. 7-The Power of Personal Presence. The sheer weight of a truthful consciousness held in place is real influence. 8-Go for the highest activism. Personal transformation incorporating. 5 dimensional wisdom. It affects all the bodies, not just the physical or mental. But it needs to include the causal and etheric as well. 9-The 1960's activism paradigm was based in a feeling that something was really wrong that needed changing. Motivation for much of it was anger. But being aware of things being out of balance is the first stage towards wellness and healing. Acknowledging that there is a problem. Music today is "Changes" from the album popular music that will live forever by

The greatest change you can offer the world is a changed state of consciousness and its related demonstrated behavior.
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-Working within the framing of the 5 dimensions. The duality of the density of matter and the lightness of spirit. Beyond the Tyranny of Your own Opinions. Using Perspective: beyond the density of the immediate. Most expansion of consciousness is experienced when issues arise: health issues, incidents, personal challenges, relationship issues, or a subtle experience that is out of the ordinary. Health Issues are springboards into greater awareness. Using the Soul view from the 5 dimensional bodies. The Dream World: inside information. Using Spiritual Tuning techniques. Meditation or contemplation. The Language of your Life: consider your current story, what does it tell you, where does it lead you? Trusting your answers: they are always correct in the moment, working with completion, trust your life, trust that you are greater than just your body. You are Soul and have always existed and will always exist. Some humor: Borowitz report.
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