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Time: 6-minutes

For those of us who entered this lifetime with an interest in what really makes life tick and a deep desire to finally master it after lifetimes of satisfying the human desires of pleasure, success, and duty to family and state, the idea of achieving true BLISS is a natural next step towards going home to GOD.

Most experiences in life are to be reckoned with from many different angles - material aspects that affect the physical conditions of life, emotional and Mental aspects that effect how one processes the experience and garners what one needs to from it in order to move into new realms of awareness, and the spiritual aspects, which instruct soul of its true nature and purpose.

BLISS is concerned with the melting away of the lesser desires in order to achieve a consciousness that can maintain a state of GOD awareness regardless of any circumstances.

In Western society, the concept of BLISS has been reduced to a sort of "high" that one achieves from one form of materialism or another - a better house, a new lover, a better paying job or any number of different ways to extract from our materially advanced society rewards that pander to the ego. This is very different from true spiritual BLISS.

BLISS is actually a state of awareness and being.  It matters little to the BLISSFUL one what external circumstances may be existing - pain and pleasure are aspects of the mind and have little consequence to the maintenance of BLISS, they are merely torches of Maya, or illusion that burn brighter and hotter with more attention and fade away as one turns ones inner gaze to the worlds of pure spirit and being.

One by-product of focusing on the truly spiritual is that many times one's outer conditions in the material world are positively affected by a focus on pure spirit, and one may find that all the issues that one has been working with in the mind regarding ones outer life have righted themselves without using the mind to correct the problems.  It's like a wisp of smoke disappearing into thin air, tracing how this works is next to impossible. But the greater reason to focus on spirit is to really grow ones consciousness to ever-higher states of being, bringing one into a loving awareness that is inexplicable and the real reward.

One powerful way to achieve a BLISSFUL state is to chant or sing your true name - HU.

HU is the first part of the word HU-MAN - HU being god or spirit, and MAN being derived from manos (Latin) - or mind). HU, the GOD part of oneself and MAN the mind part.  The particle or spark of GOD, the HU-MAN.  This is one's true name, and the sound of it has the power to take one right to BLISS, and then beyond.

We gratefully thank the Podsafe Music Network for providing some of the music today and for Symmetrical Angels-Part 2 by 2-RD from the Podsafe Music Network.

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